A Miracle Through Surrogacy

A Dream Come True – 3 Years of Hope, Prayers, and Love A doctor told me I had fibroid tumors in the summer of 2005. I was 34 years old, single and had not had any children at that point. I was a personal trainer and had just launched my first fitness video, “Love Your Legs”, ran three times per week, and felt completely healthy. But, … Continue reading A Miracle Through Surrogacy

What is a Solo Starter™?

What is a Solo Starter? A solo starter is a man or woman who has decided to take the steps towards parenthood on their own, without a significant other. An individual usually becomes a solo starter when they are approaching an age where having children might become challenging, and they don’t want to miss their window. Why do I use the word “starter?” I like starter … Continue reading What is a Solo Starter™?