Staying Healthy and Sane as a CEO Mom – Getting Back to Me

Life in Overdrive

These past few weeks, I’ve felt like I’m going 1,000 miles/hour.

Every single day.

Jumping back into the CEO role of SPIbelt, managing a growing company, alongside being a full-time Mom and raising a 10-month old – it takes its toll.

I get home from a full day of work, managing my team and business, exerting most of my mental energy, ticking off the To Do checklists, and then I have to wrap homework with the kiddos, cook dinner, take care of the baby, spend quality time with my husband, stay connected with friends, and sometimes (well, maybe all the time) I just want to lay on the couch and drink a glass of wine.

When I do lay on that couch after an exhausting day, things may slip from my To Do list. Important post-work meetings. Necessary errands. People I’m supposed to meet with. Planning presentations for the next day.

Worst of all…

I realize I haven’t worked out.

I haven’t taken care of my body.

And I’m the CEO of a fitness accessory company.

In these past months, I’ve been “too busy” to work out, “too busy” to be healthy, “too busy” to take time for my body, which in the end affects my mind, my work, my family, my life.

And none of that is worth it.

It all compounds and builds – feeling unhealthy, treating my body poorly, not moving much, which affects my sleep, my brain, my attitude, my work.

I used to always say I was a “morning fitness” person.

I was so confirmed that was who I was and I could *only* workout in the AM. With my new hectic lifestyle (getting up at 6am, taking care of the kids and baby, preparing for work and running to the office in order to lead a management team meeting by 9am everyday), this led me to not working out at all.

I let my take-care-of-me routine slip away.

I felt unhealthy. I felt stressed. I didn’t feel like ME.

Then I would associate negativity and more excuses with this feeling, especially as I kept missing my workouts.

Oh I guess I just can’t do this. I’m too tired. I need to sleep in. It’s too hard with my life right now. I’ll do it tomorrow! I’ll do it… next week!

But none of these were real excuses for keeping my body healthy.

There’s no excuse for not feeling good.


The Power of Change and Being Healthy

So I had to stop, and breathed.

And say… hey we’re not perfect. Being busy is normal. Some things are gonna slip and that’s okay.

But of all the things that can slip, the one that cannot is my health.

It’s the basis for everything we are. For our thoughts, body, and actions.

I paused.

Maybe I used to be a morning person. But life is change, and I can change too.

So I flipped it. I opened my mind and said to myself, hey, lets just go for a little walk at the end the day – doesn’t have to be a grand slam workout.

And I did.

I put the baby in the jogger stroller and started to get physical, being outside with the kiddo (two tasks in one), going for my walk, eventually turning into my previous morning run, and I started to feel happy (bonus: the baby was also happy).

After two weeks of this, I felt healthy again and I felt great.

I started to get into a flow and now I’ve become an afternoon exercise person!

What I thought was not possible in my life (evening work outs, finding time) became reality. And it might not have been the same workout I used to do, but it got me back into moving, into using my body in a positive way, rather than the alternative of staying in the house and the cycle of not doing a thing.

Voila… I was working out again.

And I felt good.


How to Lead a Healthy Life as a CEO + MOM

Being open to change is the most important thing we can do.

Success with change and success with yourself, especially when you are juggling 50 things in life, is a matter of being open.

You have to keep an open mind.

What I did was see where I could fit in some movement, release stress, stay active. Then I fit some of that movement into that time period. And after taking those smaller steps, I instantly felt 100x better, mentally and physically.

I really learned – find out what works in your life and what you can change.  You don’t need to be stuck in old habits just because “that’s the way it was”.

Changing my workouts to the end of the day made me feel physically better.

Even more important, I was no longer upset at myself for not working out.

My attitude is now better, more positive.

My blood is flowing again. I’m active again. I’m moving again.  There’s just more of everything in my life. More energy. More happiness. More me.

I know – it’s really easy to work really hard, get super tired, and become unmotivated in the attempt to take care of ourselves. Sometimes it seems like success must come at the sacrifice of our bodies.

Maybe I’ll just drink a glass of wine to relax instead of going outside for a walk.

Maybe I’ll push that Barre class to next week.

Maybe I’ll look at the space in my life where I can improve… tomorrow.

But it starts with small steps.

And acting on them.

You don’t have to be a member at a gym.

You don’t have to own a bunch of weights and gear.

You don’t have to have a monthly account at a Pilates studio.

You don’t need a specific work out space to stay active and healthy.

You can start with a walk, or a run, or something simple around the house.

It’s so important.

I know that in my life, I’m now excited for this new routine. I don’t feel like this crazy schedule in my life has taken over. I realized – no, I’m going to stay in control of my life – remain fit, healthy and active, no matter what.

We have NO excuses for letting ourselves go and we DESERVE to be happy and healthy. And we CAN do it. I slipped into the negativity and unhealthy habits but I paused, then I reflected and found a change in my life that works for me to start staying in shape.

And now, I couldn’t be more excited for tomorrow and my new routine!


Keep on moving!

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