About Me

My name is Kim Overton and I’m here to share my journey of becoming a Solo Mom, or Solo Starter as I like to say.  I am also the founder of an internationally known and distributed fitness accessory, SPIbelt.

I was born in my mom’s hometown of  Manchester, England in 1971. My parents met in the army in Germany. My mom is British and my American father is from Austin, TX. His parents are a fun mix of African American and Native American, which I understand was pretty common back in the day. Growing up I didn’t think much about ethnicity or the fact that I was a “minority”. The concept was pretty foreign to me until I moved away from home after high school. I think this had to do with the fact that my parents didn’t focus on ethnicity and growing up in Austin, TX  which is a fairly open minded town.

From an early age, my father told me I could be whatever I wanted to be. I recall inventing things as a child, and creating businesses in my neighborhood growing up such as bake sales, garage sales, and even a carnival that was featured in our local paper in Austin. I was also a competitive gymnast from a child through high school and wanted to become a dancer and singer in my late teens.

I was fiercely competitive growing up, very independent and driven. My drive took me around the world in my early twenties, and I eventually lived in NYC for about 12 years. NYC was my kind of town. Within two weeks of living there, I was selected to be a main dancer for MTV’s The Grind. I wrote music and performed while living in NYC, but it was ultimately the entrepreneur in me that lead me to launch my first business with a friend in the new media space in the late 90s, then becoming a personal trainer in 2002 after witnessing the tragedy of 9/11 in person.

In 2005, I found myself single after an engagement, brokenhearted and ready to move back home to Austin after having lived away for 15 years. Within a year of moving home, I launched my first fitness video, “Love Your Legs”, and a year after that I launched my company, the SPIbelt.

I conceived the idea for SPIbelt (which stands for small personal item belt) in 2006 while jogging with my key tucked into my bra top. I thought, “There’s got to be a better way,” and I went home that day and assembled the first small personal item belt in red. A few months and iterations of the belt later, I chose the name, filed the patents and trademarks and officially set up shop in my downtown apartment in Austin in February of 2007.

The path to owning a business does not surprise me. What did throw me for a loop in my thirties was that I was quickly approaching the end of my line for becoming a parent. This was tremendously unsettling for me so I decided to do something about it. In 2010, I became a solo mom with the birth of my first son. Running a business taught me a thing or two about how to handle challenging situations on my own.

The solo parent path is a unique one and one that many women, and men, are venturing on these days. I prefer using the term, solo starter, because it’s important to remember that just because one may start out solo, doesn’t mean they’ll end solo. I am now married to the man of my dreams, the person I always felt I’d marry and the one who loves me for me and my story. It’s good to know your significant other is out there, even if you chose to start the journey to parenthood alone.

Becoming a parent was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life, and I decided to try for another after two years after the birth of my son. Things got really tough and I experienced infertility for three years. Between my age (early 40s as I tried for my second), and a bad case of fibroid tumors, things were very difficult. My blog shares the highs and lows and hopefully gives inspiration to those who may find themselves in the same challenging situation of infertility.

I hope my story helps you along your journey, which ever one that might be. If you would like to share your story with me, or if you have any questions for me, I’m always happy to connect.

Best wishes to you all and thank you for reading my blog!